Classic Wolverine Cover: Captain America Annual #8

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1986 was a very good year for Wolverine covers.

We begin with the unforgettable Captain America Annual #8, where we finally witnessed Wolverine’s unbreakable claws go up against Captain America’s indestructible shield.

And the fiery visuals by Mike Zeck did not disappoint…

Wolverine Covers: Captain America Annual #8

I still get a grin looking at that cover!

After the jump are two classic Alpha Flight covers from the same year costarring Wolverine…

Mike Mignola provided two terrific covers for Alpha Flight #33 and #34. Unfortunately, Wolverine doesn’t quite own the covers enough for me to classify them as classic Wolverine covers, but I share them because they are still awesome covers…

Alpha Flight #33 cover Alpha Flight #34 cover

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That ‘Captain America’ cover is terrrific! This is the issue that is included in “The Best of Wolverine, Vol. 1.” Despite the action-packed cover, I am especially drawn to the little note in the lower left-hand corner — “Give the Gift of Literacy.” Very cool!


Those Alpha Flight issues were still uber important though. It was the first time Wolverine’s origin was told if I remember correctly. The first time Wolverine admitted that he was experimented on and he didn’t remember his past.