Classic Wolverine Cover: Uncanny X-Men #205

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Five years before the legendary ‘Weapon X’, Barry Windsor-Smith gave Wolverine fans a treat with this brilliant cover to Uncanny X-Men #205.

Look at it long enough and you can actually see Wolverine in three dimensions…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #205


Jae Lee provided a terrific cover for the reprint appearing in X-Men Classic #109, the second to last issue of this exemplary reprint series and the last to feature Wolverine on the cover…

X-Men Classic #109 cover

‘X-Men Classic’, nee ‘Classic X-Men’ (1986-1995).

Requiescat in pace, that’s all she wrote.

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15 years ago

I am absolutely mesmerized by the first cover! Something about it looks very dystopian! It`s almost symbolic – Wolverine being a symbol of post-modernity, of science gone wrong and of the individual caught in between!

15 years ago

I always loved the story in UXM #205. While it is never really stated can you imagine the torture that Lady Death-strike and the boys subjected Logan to prior to the begining of this issue to cause hime to be that messed up? It gives gives me the creepy crawlies just thinking about it.

14 years ago

I agree Templedog.

I like how the story opens up that way, leaving your imagination to fill in the blanks. I could be wrong but it feels like comic books don’t do things like this anymore.

BTW, I liked it when Lady Deathstrike looked like this. She looked scarier this way.

12 years ago

I’m a HUGE BWS fan,starting with Daredevil #50 & Conan late 1970ish….

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