Wolverine #9 Open Thread

Wolverine (2010) #9 coverWolverine #9 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Daniel Acuna

From Marvel: “Wolverine’s been sent him to Hell, forced into a brutal rampage against the X-Men, and had his mind torn to shreds by demons. Finally free, Logan’s only got one thing on his mind – payback! First on his list, the woman who put the gears of hell in motion, Mystique. Except, Wolverine’s not the only one who’s got her in his sights. Lord Deathstrike, the unstoppable new assassin, enters the fray to tear Mystique to pieces. Can Logan claw his way to her first?”

On sale May 25, 2011.

“Get Mystique, Final Repose” picks up where last issue left off and aside from a slightly ridiculous new villain and a cheesy new communicator belt, Aaron and Acuna deliver the goods.

Especially the last page.

But seeing as how I’m a proud former owner of a 1968 British Racing Green Mustang, the second totaling of Wolverine’s Pony is especially painful.

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9 years ago

Despite the somewhat “cool” vibe, I absolutely despise this cover! Doesn’t Marvel let its artists know anything about the physical features of its characters? Isn’t Wolverine supposed to be 5′ 3″ tall? Isn’t Mystique supposed to be about 5′ 10″? Is Logan standing on a box? Is Mystique standing in a trench, or has she suddenly become a pygmy? Showing him as the typical taller, dominating male cheapens the art and makes the characters look mundane to me! Don’t these people know what they’re drawing?

9 years ago

I thought this book was good. If anything it was a nice resolution to the Get Mystique story line for awhile back. What I love about Jason Aaron is that he usually resolves most of the stories he starts in some fashion. I guess this should be expected from any writer, but with the comic book industry the way it is I hardly feel that way anymore. I feel privilege to have a actual writer delivered what he is paid to do for the fans who stick with the book. How sad is that? All I have to do is… Read more »

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