Wolverine and Jubilee #3 Open Thread

Wolverine and Jubilee #3 coverWolverine and Jubilee #2 (preview)
Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Art: Phil Noto

From Marvel: “When Jubilee’s pursuer turns up in the dead of night, there’s a debt that needs to be paid and the hidden costs? Killer. Wolverine has always promised to be there for Jubilee but with her held hostage as collateral in a place where not even Fedex delivers, he’s going to have to play along to try to get her back. Wolverine is headed into a dangerous Siberian dead zone to do a job that no one else can or will do to retrieve a package that defies description. And Jubilee is about to come face to face with the man responsible. ”

On sale March 23, 2011.

Not as strong as the first two issues, but Immonen and Noto are still putting out top-notch work.

We get more plot this time around, so I have high hopes for next month’s finale.

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