Wolverine Files on CBR!


ComicBookResources.com’s “Comic Book Legends Revealed” gave a very nice hat tip to Wolverine Files this past Friday!

COMIC LEGEND: Wolverine’s classic costume got its distinct cowl because of a Gil Kane mistake on a comic book cover that Dave Cockrum liked so much that he adopted it – even after Cockrum had drawn the costume differently throughout the actual comic!

After showing that the legend to be true, writer Brian Cronin, added the following note.

And thanks to Joel DiGiacomo of the awesome Wolverine website, Wolverine Files, for the Romita designs!

Read the whole article for yourself at ComicBookResources.com!

Thanks, Brian!


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13 years ago

Congratulations DiG. =)

The website deserves the recognition and publicity.


13 years ago

Awesome plug.

I’ve been trying to email you about any books that may have been missed but my emails keep bouncing back. We haven’t missed anything for the last two weeks.

13 years ago

There was a very small appearance in Deadpool and Cable #26, which was probably a haullcination that Deadpool had.

There was also a alternate universe appearance in Venom/Deadpool What if ? a couple of weeks ago as well.

13 years ago

Yeah — I’m stoked.

Email is fixed now — didn’t realize Dreamhost had taken over the hosting of my email.

13 years ago

Congrats Dig, it is well deserved. Honestly, it was a combination of slight curiosity about the Old Man Logan arc, but really, the discovery of this site and the stunningly complete timeline that solely resurrected and reignited not only my love of this character, but for comic books in general. I credit what you did here as the sole reason for the two boxes of comics that now sit and grow next to my desk. Before this, I hadn’t bought a comic since the noseless Wolvie era, when I was what.. 10 years old? So yeah, thank you and congratulations.… Read more »

13 years ago

DiG, Fantastic! Congratulations on this recognition of your outstanding site. It’s great to see that other sites take note that Wolverine Files is truly an “awesome” resource.

13 years ago

Congratulations on getting 192 fans on Facebook DiG! That is really amazing.

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