Wolverine and Jubilee #2 Open Thread

Wolverine and Jubilee #2 coverWolverine and Jubilee #2 (preview)
Writer: Kathryn Immonen
Art: Phil Noto

From Marvel: “Undead teenagers, can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em…because they’re undead. Wolverine may be taking on his roughest mission yet as he tries to kick some sense into Jubilee and boy, does she fight back! In his version of Upward Bound, X-Men style, he’s hauled her halfway around the world to get her away from whoever or whatever is trying to frame her for mass murder. But this town’s got a problem that’s going to take their combined efforts to combat, and Jubilee’s pursuer is hot on their trail.”

On sale February 16, 2011.

This miniseries continues to impress me.

Another very strong issue with terrific interplay between Wolverine and Jubilee.

Best line? “I can’t feel my ass.”


Anyone else enjoying this as much as I am?

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13 years ago

I wish I was having as much fun as you are, but my copy hasn’t come in through ebay yet. I still have to read both the first and second issue of this series. =(

Hope to check it out soon and I’ll let you know.

13 years ago

Just finished reading the second issue of this series. The book is top notch and Kathryn writes a convincing relationship between these two characters. I haven’t seen these two characters together in a long time, so this really does the dynamic duo justice. I’m going to miss this book when it is over.

I still wish this was longer then four issues. I really enjoy Kathryn Immonen’s writing on this book. Phil Noto also draws a really nice Wolverine and Jubilee. =)

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