Wolverine WrapUp (12/08): New Avengers #7

New Avengers #7 coverNew Avengers #7 (preview)
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Stuart Immonen
Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger

From Marvel: “After the devastating fallout of last issue’s fatal battle for this dimension, the New Avengers have to figure out who really belongs on the team. Plus, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones need a nanny, and not just any nanny, they need to find a superpowered nanny. Who. Will. It. Be?! Plus: another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!”

In stores December 8, 2010.

I liked this issue.

A lot.

No villains, just New Avengers bantering and interviewing nannies.

Super-powered nannies.

I know this issue is not up everyone’s alley, but I for one thought is was a hoot. Even if it did include Wolverine and Squirrel Girl.


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10 years ago

I also enjoyed this issue of New Avengers. I also enjoyed the interaction between Wolverine and Squirrel Girl (since I did enjoy the Great Lakes Avengers stories that came out). I do hope that they expand on their past. For some weird reason I actually like the idea of the two of them together more so than Wolverine and his present girlfriend.

JmH Reborn
10 years ago

I thought the Squirrel Girl and Wolverine interaction was ridiculously stupid. I mean really, they were together? This is about as random as Rogue/Sentry and equally as stupid. I mean, she really calls him James? When he too just found out his name not too long ago? Not even his closest and most loving friends and allies even know that’s his name, but this broad with a tail does? I’m so glad that Stuart Immonen is off this title after next month, it was the only reason to purchase this. Oh well, Wolverine was another fine issue and Uncanny X-Force… Read more »

10 years ago

Question on the whole Wolverine and Squirrel Girl thing. Is Bendis referencing some long forgotten canon related material here? Or is the secret hidden Wolverine and Squirrel Girl relationship something he is creating himself? I figured DiG would know the answer to this one, but anyone else can comment on this one for me.


10 years ago

it looks like bendis is something he is creating himself..probably like the sentry and rogue thing..

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