Curse of the Mutants: X-Men #5 Open Thread

X-Men #5X-Men #5 (preview)
Writers: Victor Gischer
Pencils: Paco Medina
Inks: Juan Vlasco

From Marvel: “CURSE OF THE MUTANTS, PART 5: The Vampire Nation’s army is unleashed on Utopia, with vampire Wolverine leading the charge – and, boy, does he have a bone to pick with Cyclops! Meanwhile, the newly resurrected Dracula is nowhere to be found. So why is Cyclops smiling?”

On sale November 17, 2010.

Cyclops unveils his secret weapon just as Vampire Logan attacks. I knew something was coming, but I didn’t see it coming this way.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyone else want to weigh in? It’s getting awful quiet around these parts…


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13 years ago

it was surprising and i think it’s pretty good, i don’t know if the fact that there was no mention of this “secret weapon” prior to it’s unveiling was good or not. i wish the next issue would actually show logan and scott talking about what happened.

13 years ago

Was there an “implant” of some sort inserted into Logan’s arm before he went to rescue Jubilee? it was shown in the preview of one of the earlier issues of this storyline. What was that all about, and does it have anything to do with anything? I’ve also remarked that it’s been awfully quiet here. Not much in the way of responses to anything. No big discussion or recap of Way’s run – other than a collective sigh that it’s over. Not much ado about the highly-anticipated “Sex and Violence” X-Force 3-parter. Not much…oh, well. Hope everyone’s fine…and a Happy… Read more »

13 years ago

My comment is still awaiting “moderation.” Whatever that means…


13 years ago

from what i remember they just took a blood sample of wolverine or something like that..they didn’t tell him that they put something in him..

i’ve re read the entire wolverine origins run after issue 50 came out and i guess the best issue for me was the one that featured nightcrawler.

i actually loved x-force: sex and violence. the story’s not too deep but the action was good, for me it was pretty much the comic equivalent of the expendables..oh, i’m hoping they turn that splash page in issue 3 into a poster.

JmH Reborn
13 years ago

It was an ok ish. I kind of wish they changed the script for issue five because the entire online community called it that Dr. Nemesis input something into Logan. What’s strange is that they turned off his healing factor yet Wolverine suffered no side-effects. What happened to his adamantium poisoning, how was he able to fight off all the vampires without his factor? The healing factor supplements his endurance, allowing him to battle much longer than anyone else. Just too many plot holes that took me out of the story. Cyclops put too much emphasis on too many variables.… Read more »

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