Wolverine WrapUp (10/27): Avengers #6

Avengers #6Avengers #6 (preview)
Pencils: John Romita, Jr.
Inks: Klaus Janson with Tom Palmer

From Marvel: “The blockbuster Avengers book continues!! Kang versus Ultron with Avengers from every era right in the middle. The end of this issue is a shocker that sets up one of the biggest new threats to the Marvel Universe!! Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!”

In stores October 27, 2010.

The first storyline wraps up with Wolverine playing the minor role again, though he does get some good dialogue on the final page…





Comusiv’s Completist Corner
Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #2: The dreadful children’s version of ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ continues…
X-Men vs Vampires #2: A gratuitous cover appearance only for our cranky mutant…
X-Men Forever 2 #10: Clone-verine is back with a vengeance. Didn’t seem to take much time considering they left him for dead just two issues ago. He fights Kitty, mini-Storm and Lockheed, gets slashed across the chest, shocked with lightning and set on fire before getting kicked off of a moving bullet train before everyone just forgets about him. Truly he is the best there is at getting his ass kicked….

Due to my recent travels, it seems I missed this week’s Klaws of the Panther #2 where Black Panther is trying to hunt down some vibranium to help out Wakanda while also trying to come to grips with her lack of self control. Her hunt leads her to Madripoor so why not get together with Wolverine for a beer and to go fight some people? As Comusiv notes, the writers should’ve followed their own advice so we didn’t have to get this comic…

Shuri: “You have the berserker howling inside of you all the time, and somehow you manage to keep it on a chain. How?”
Wolverine: “That’s what you came all the way here to ask? Even I have a cell phone darlin’.”


Wolverine in the News
CBR X-Position: Interview with Jason Aaron (see details)


Probable Wolverine appearances for the week of 11/03/10…
Wolverine #3 (preview): ‘Wolverine Goes to Hell’ continues…
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #7 (preview): Amusing non-continuity Wolverine-Spider-Man tale by Paul Tobin…

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13 years ago

Just a question – I know you’re hugely busy. Any possibility of getting reviews for the major Wolverine titles back on track again? The previews are terrific and are appreciated, but I (and hopefully, others) miss the reviews and critiques.

I still return to Alan Quan’s long-defunct “Wolverine’s R. E. A. L. M.” site for reviews and comments on old Wolverine titles up to about the third or fourth issue of “Enemy of the State.”

JmH Reborn
13 years ago

I agree…

If help is needed, I would be more than happy to oblige. I used to write for Loganfiles.com for a long time.

13 years ago

As much as I would love to do that, I am finding that I barely have enough time to keep the blog up to date, let alone update the chronology.

That said, and I hope to post to this effect over the weekend, I would appreciate any and all help on this site.

So JmH Reborn (and anyone else interested), please drop me an email at dig@wolverinefiles.com.


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