Wolverine #2 Open Thread: Meeting the Devil?

Wolverine #2 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: Renato Guedes
Inks: Jose Wilson Magalhaes

From Marvel: “Imagine everyone Logan has ever killed over the course of his very long life, all confined to one place, all itching to get their shot at revenge. Now witness the devil give them just what they want. It’s Logan versus the legion of the damned, including some very familiar faces. And with Logan’s demonically-possessed body still running amuck on earth, the body count can only grow. Who could possibly stand in his way? Maybe… Mystique???”

On sale October 6, 2010.

Another really strong issue. But the moment I decided this had to be an illusion, I stumbled across this interview with Jason Aaron (details)…


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13 years ago

i was surprised to see mariko in hell, that was baaad for wolverine. i hope they deal with wolverine’s thoughts on it once he gets out of hell. the second issue really picked things up.

JmH Reborn
13 years ago

Was alot better than last ish…still waiting for something that just piques my interest…I’m tired of Wolverine being controlled stories. The Mariko shocker was all types of F’d up though.

I have a quest

JmH Reborn
13 years ago

question though, why was Ogun there? Did something happen after ish #114 when he possessed Lady Deathstrike in that forgotten plot thread? I know he possessed Viper I think, I didn’t read it though. So he died? And Cyber is dead? If he survived though his psychic power with the death beetles, how did he “die” in Wolverine Origins? All of Wolvy’s great rogues is dead and it makes me mad…I mean, Omega Red really died from a sword to the shoulder?…yes yes, a stupid magic sword, but still. And if Yukio is dead…I’m sending a stink bug to Jason… Read more »

13 years ago

yukio isn’t dead, she was able to escape the demon wolverine together with amiko.i just checked wolverine 2 again and you’re right, cyber is there. i always thought that he survived since he was just left for dead..

13 years ago

OK? Ummm, why would Mariko be in Hell?

13 years ago

yeah, that’s a pretty good point about Cyber. if he’s down there, i’d imagine the soul of the host body would still be the slow big kid, not to mention not having the adamantium skin and suit. I suppose Mariko could be explained away for Clan Yashida in general. Cyber as he is makes no sense at all.

13 years ago

Any guesses on who that guy with Puck is at the end?

13 years ago

I’m going to guess it’s Thomas Logan, his biological father.

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