And the Rest (08/11): Dark Wolverine vs. Franken-Castle, Round 3

Dark Wolverine #89 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu
Pencils: Stephen Segovia and Paco Diaz
Inks: Craig Yeung, Guillermo Ortego & Paco Diaz

From Marvel: “PUNISHMENT, Part 3: Daken barely survived his encounter with Frank Castle, but that only makes him more dangerous than ever — especially when Wolverine shows up to save the day. Killing two birds with one stone has never been more appealing…”

In stores August 11, 2010.

Now that Franken-Castle is nigh invulnerable, Wolverine can finally unleash his claws on the bastard who blew off his face, shot him in the crotch and streamrolled him flat…


In other appearances, Wolverine cameos as a vision in the Chris Claremont-driven alternate history of ‘X-Men Forever 2’ #5 (preview) and is featured in the kids comic Marvel Super Hero Squad #8 (preview)…


Probable/possible Wolverine appearances for the upcoming week (8/18/10)…

Avengers and the Infinity Gauntlet #1 (preview): An ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ retelling…
Hulk #24 (preview): ‘World War Hulks’ finale…
Marvel Universe vs. the Punisher #2 (preview): Wolverine does appear, sort of…
New Avengers #3 (preview): Pretty funny preview if you ask me…
Uncanny X-Men #527 (preview): No idea if Wolverine will appear…
Wolverine Weapon X #16 (preview): Kurt’s will has one last request to make of Logan…

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13 years ago

loved the nightcrawler issue. i think this shows that jason aaron can do more than just action..

13 years ago

I wish Logan got the chance to beat up on the Punisher some more. It was kind of lame that Logan only got the chance to chop off some of his fingers. Especially when Frank was ready to chuck and drown Wolverine in wet cement.

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