Wolverine Origins #50 Open Thread: Series Finale!

Wolverine Origins #50 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Will Conrad

From Marvel: “THE SERIES CONCLUSION! It’s the end of an era, a story years in the making, and as one journey ends, another begins. With his quest for revenge now concluded, Wolverine embarks on a new journey…towards salvation.”

In stores July 28, 2010.

Strong finale or one last dose of melodrama from Daniel Way?

Share your thoughts on the final issue of the series below…

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.

‘Wolverine Origins’ #50
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13 years ago

I am interested to hear everyone’s thoughts — pro and con (and respectful) as this major Wolverine series comes to a close.

Being a long-time Wolverine fan, I have to say I was shocked at Seraph’s enormous stature. I mean — she’s a midget (tiny person?) in all of her previous incarnations.

As for the issue itself — not sure if all the whiny psychobabble was necessary — but I especially look forward to hearing from fans of this run and how they felt the series wrapped up.

13 years ago

I’m content to follow the book’s message, put these 50 issues behind me, and embrace the Wolverine stories yet to come.

well, it looks like it’s a mediocre ending to a mediocre series..

13 years ago

It was a pointless end to a series that was pretty much all forgettable. It didn’t answer anything and I don’t really see Wolverine just letting go of all his demons and the deaths of the women he’s loved because Fury confronted him about it. Like most of the series, i’m sure this issue will end up ignored in the years to come.

13 years ago

What a waste of time, effort, and immagination on so many levels – to cheapen and make so little of such an iconic character. Were they really trying to tell Wolverine’s origins in this series? No point but to sqeeze money out of this…

13 years ago

I’m pretty disgusted at the whole thing, man. The only new things we learned from the entire 50 ISSUES, was that Logan has a son and maybe that Professor X mind wiped him (though technically that was a crossover). Literally the rest of the series was just barely enough lazy dialogue (and artwork until towards the end imo) to keep people waiting for something to happen in the next issue. And it was nearly ALWAYS a disappointment. It’s funny to think that I used to diss Larry Hama for his writing direction sometimes, but at least he had a direction… Read more »

13 years ago

And yeah why the hell was Seraph not a midget?! Dammit Way pay attention! *slaps forehead*

13 years ago

Yeah, this series is an epic fail. The best hope is that it is indeed forgotten and fades away in infamy.

13 years ago

Logan/Wolverine has had so many mediocre, hit-or-miss, and just plain, excruciatingly bad outings over the last several years. He has outlasted some bad writing and storylines before, but can the character come back from this? Will this 50-issue run truly be disregarded, or just become a factor in the *meh* baggage that is dragging him (as well as his fans) down? The hell of it all is that some of these ideas could have been interesting…in the hands of a writer(s) who understands or even likes the character! This series was hardly the way to engage new readership, yet it… Read more »

13 years ago

This issue was as boring and pointless as the 49 that preceded it. This series did nothing to his ”origins”. It introduced two lame characters to further this silly agenda of Way who had no qualifications to tell this story. I thought the opening arc was actually good…it looked like Way had a story to tell that was worth investing in. Wolverine wanting to go after the people who ‘effed’ him over. We saw people committing suicide and locking themselves up in prisons just to avoid Wolverine…and then…nothing. No origins, just a bunch of useless guest appearances and useless plot… Read more »

13 years ago

havening read and bought all 50 for my love of wolverine i got to say that i agree with everyone that ‘Origins’ was really pointless Romulas was built up and turned out weak. Daken, well he is ok i guess I am going to collect his new book manly to get all Wolverine realated series such as Daken,X-23 and Logans own book as well as X-Force and The Best There Is The Muramasa sword was a little much and they killed all important villians in this series leaving Logan not that much classic opponents, I lie new villians as well… Read more »

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