And the Rest (06/09): Super Hero Squad

Super Hero Squad #6 (preview)
Writer: Todd Dezago
Art: Leonel Castellani

From Marvel: “The SAVAGE LAND ADVENTURE! — featuring SPEEDBALL! When a Fractal turns a Paleontologist into a Dinosaur (STEGRON!), SPEEDBALL joins the SQUADDIES in the Savage Land to stop him from commanding the Dinosaur’s to take over the World! Also, KA-ZAR! PLUS — DR.DOOM sends KLAW out to use his mastery of all sound and vibration to track down missing Fractals — but the SQUADDIES found a sound of their own to combat their villainy in GOOD VIBRATIONS!”

In stores June 9, 2010.


Don’t forget to add your thoughts in the comments below on any other Wolverine appearances from the week that we may have missed…


Finally, here are the probable/possible Wolverine appearances for the upcoming week (6/16/10)…

Black Widow #3 (preview): Check out Natasha’s adjustable boot heels…
Dark Wolverine #87 (preview): The final issues of ‘Dark Wolverine’…
Incredible Hulk #610 (preview): World War Hulks continues…
New Avengers #1 (preview): How many Avengers titles are there?
New Mutants #14 (preview): Second Coming, Chapter 11…
Ultimate Comics X #3 (preview): Ultimate Wolverine, Jr….

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