Uncanny X-Men #525 Open Thread: Second Coming, Chapter Ten

Uncanny X-Men #525
Writer: Matt Fraction
Pencils: Terry Dodson
Inks: Rachel Dodson

From Marvel: “Things have never been worse for the X-Men. They’re stuck in an impregnable dome of Bastion’s creation. As if that’s not bad enough, inside this dome is a portal to the Days of Future Past timeline through which thousands of Nimrod Sentinels are pouring. Cyclops has sent Cable, Cypher and X-Force on a suicide mission into the future to destroy the portal, but do they stand a chance?”

On sale June 9, 2010.

After a week’s delay, Second Coming, Chapter 10…

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.

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14 years ago

Surprisingly little happens in this issue.

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