Dark Wolverine #86/Wolverine Origins #48 Open Thread

Surprisingly ‘Reckoning’ concludes with ‘Dark Wolverine’ #86 and ‘Wolverine Origins’ #48 coming out in the same week, hence I am combining both titles into one convenient open thread…

Dark Wolverine #86 (preview)
Writers: Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu
Penciler: Stephen Segovia
Inker: Cam Smith

From Marvel: “RECKONING, PART 3 OF 4: For decades, Daken has waited for the moment that has now finally arrived. In one fell swoop, Daken plans to both destroy his father and achieve his destiny. The streets of Ankara run red with blood as Daken faces off against…Romulus!”

In stores May 19, 2010.






Wolverine Origins #48 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Will Conrad

From Marvel: “RECKONING, CONCLUSION: Revenge. It is what has motivated Wolverine for over a century. But now, with that revenge within reach…is it really what he wants? More importantly, is it really what he needs? A new era begins as Wolverine finally considers his future instead of his blood-stained past.”

In stores May 19, 2010.


Share your thoughts on the “Reckoning” conclusion in the comments below. Did it meet expectations? Or was it a just a big “huh?”…



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13 years ago

Perhaps I need to reread Daniel Way’s entire run because the conclusion of the final chapter simply elicited a ‘huh?” from me. Why did Romulus make it his life’s mission to destroy Wolverine’s life? Who is he? What is he to Wolverine? Is he Sabretooth prime? And the finale for Romulus, Daken and the Muramasa blade is so lame as to defy belief. Five years for this? Perhaps others have a more positive spin on the events, but for me, I will bite my tongue until I have reread Way’s entire run — expect that post weighing in on the… Read more »

13 years ago

So much that wasn’t explained. It hints that Romulus wanted Wolverine to be his successor, and “used Daken as a pawn” but then he harkens back to being thousands of years old implying that he’s immortal and therefore as far as i can tell, not in need of a successor. That even rules out the possibility of Daken being settled upon as a successor. And as DiG pointed out we STILLLLLL don’t know who Romulus is! Are they that thin on ideas that they have to keep him around in limbo so they’re sure they’ll have one more long ass… Read more »

13 years ago

And DiG I think reading the whole series in a whole chunk will make it seem better, because so little happens in one issue month to month it can definitely flow better when read back to back, I did it a couple times during this run just to see if the newer issues made more sense.. But for me it’s definitely still missing sooooo so much.. Very frustrating and confusing.

13 years ago

If it was that easy for wolverine to get to Romulus why all the complex plan… as for daken i understand why Logan didn’t killed him, for Romulus i cant understand, wolverine killed Creed but he got moral problems to kill Romulus… as for the empire of Romulus… What empire??? does he got a kingdom of some kind? the man is unknown to the world and thats is power… Thor be afraid be very afraid of Romulus…
where is wildchild?

Crappy good endings, where every thing is ok and no one dies and they live happily ever after…

13 years ago

Romulus is the FIRST mutant from 10,00 years ago. He is a LUPINE warrior/leader. a race of man that descended from wolf/canine instead of primates. He engineered weapon X program and has been a roman emperor as well. Even Sabertooth fears him and bows down to him.

Its a;l in Wolverine #50-#55 where Wolvie kills sabertooth finally.

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