Wolverine Files Update XLI: More Ch-Changes…

Due to my new work schedule (three days a week in NYC and four days at home in DC/MD), I am finding it harder and harder to update the site on a consistent basis. So instead of banging my head against the wall and expecting a different result, I am going to make some changes to Wolverine Files

  1. The weekly Wolverine News & Previews is no more. While I will still post Wolverine news, I will run the stories as they happen (instead of waiting for Mondays) and only feature genuine Wolverine stories instead of digging up tangentially related stories to fill up slots every Monday…
  2. What of the weekly previews, you ask? Well, I will be adding Open Threads for every significant Wolverine appearance on Wednesday nights and Thursdays that includes the preview links. And the Rest will be added on Friday/Saturday to cover the rest of the Wolverine appearances as necessary. The hope is that between myself and other equally obsessive fans, we will catch all of the Wolverine appearance’s for the week and round them up, with previews, by the weekend…
  3. Wolverine Reviews by jrpbsp will remain the same, to be published as soon as he finishes them and I find time to edit them…

If all goes according to plan, this will allow me to focus time on the long-neglected Wolverine Chronology (the reason I started this site in the first place), as well as my impending web comic (more details to come), getting my book published (see vitothecat.com) and finishing my quirky and bizarre “great American novel”.


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14 years ago

Cool, cutting the fat is really necessary…the chronology is the most essential portion of this site and it’d be great for it to be updated…you’ve missed a lot so I’m sure it will be daunting. If ever you guys need help at anything, research, writing or whatever, feel free to contact me. I worked for awhile at http://www.loganfiles.com so Mark there can give a recommendation if necessary. Look forward to the changes

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