Wolverine Weapon X #12 Open Thread

Wolverine Weapon X #12 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciler: Ron Garney

From Marvel: “The time-twisting saga of the all-new Deathlok continues as Wolverine battles an army of cyborg assassins on two fronts: in the present, Logan must keep Captain America from becoming the latest casualty on the Deathlok hit list, while in the future an aging, battle-ravaged Logan leads a last-ditch effort to shut down the Deathloks once and for all.”

On sale April 7, 2010.

Share your thoughts on this time-traveling core Wolverine title in the comments below.

And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.


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14 years ago

Another solid outing from Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, though I am a little tired of Roxxon being painted as a villain once again — perhaps because I got enough of evil corporations in the 1980s when Roxxon was heavily featured in Marvel continuity.

So what do people think of future Wolverine? I personally would have preferred a shorter beard and one more functioning appendage.

14 years ago

I’m reminded of Wolverine from Age of the Apocalypse, but now he’s got two metal-encased stumps instead of one. It just looks gruesome without making a lot of sense. Don’t really care for the flowing beard, either. Gee, am I negative enough?

14 years ago

Even though it was on my pull list, my CBS didn’t have enough…I got my call that I’m good for tomorrow, but based on the previews, its a different take, I’ll take it for what its worth

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