Wolverine News & Previews (3/31): Second Coming Is Coming

From ComicBookResources, Craig Kyle and Chris Yost discuss the latest X-Men crossover event, ‘Second Coming’ (details)…

As for probable/possible Wolverine appearances this week (3/31/10), we have previews of…

Dark Wolverine #84 (preview): Daken’s journey from “Siege’…
Wolverine Origins #46 (preview): Daniel Way’s take on Mariko…
X-Force #25 (preview): Necrosha ends here…
X-Men Second Coming #1 (preview): The climax of four years of X-Men stories…

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14 years ago

Wolverine Origins #46 – I had fears long ago as to “if / how” Way was going to “reinterpret” Mariko and Logan’s story. Well, it looks like he’s had a plan all along, and saved it for the home stretch of his series. On the forums last June, I had speculated that the way he’s twisted everything else in Logan’s past, that Way’d somehow ruin Mariko for him, too. I hope I’m wrong…. ************************* “Way has already “reinterpreted” some events and people in Logan’s past — showing erstwhile allies like Seraph to be in league with Romulus, aiding in Logan’s… Read more »

14 years ago

If he does . . . .

The whole Wolverine/Mariko thing is classic–one of my favorite stories ever. If he touches it . . . .

No. Just no.

14 years ago

Well, he’s touching it! He’s touching it! And everything Way has touched about Logan’s past in this series has turned to ****. Way’s turned him into a war criminal, and a whining, soulless punk, easily beaten by lower tier villains…Gaaaaaaa!!!!

14 years ago

Good news: I just rushed to the comic book store, and it looks like he doesn’t make any changes. Just a guilty Wolverine confessing to Kurt. Nothing new to report, just a retelling of the whole thing.

We’re good.

For now, at least.

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