Wolverine Origins #45: Open Thread

Wolverine Origins #45 (Preview)
Writers: Daniel Way
Pencils: Doug Braithwaite
Ink and Washes: Bill Reinhold with Mike Manley

From Marvel: “Wolverine’s plan to take down Romulus is revealed, and the endgame to what it’s all been building to begins! But who is the mastermind behind it all? And more importantly, will it even work? With the treacherous Ruby Thursday set to tell all to Romulus, it seems doubtful…”

On sale March 17, 2010.

Share your thoughts on the finale of the penultimate arc of the series in the comments below. And if you haven’t picked up the issue, make sure to read the preview, linked next the series title above.



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14 years ago

Maybe Romulus should have stayed in the shadows, because he looks looks like an overweight, out of shape pro wrestling refugee from the old NWA. And don’t get me started on his upside down fangs.

That said, it’s not a horrible issue, especially with the final page promising some fun in the final arc.

14 years ago


This entire story, from #1 to now has been a mess…what does this have to do with the original premise of the story…Romulus is worst than his original description…I can’t wait for this story to be over…for the misery to end and the focus can go back to where it should be…Wolverine:Weapon X

14 years ago

So Wolverine:Weapon X is worth reading huh? Looked kinda dumb to me. Origins was sweet coz it was drawn well by Steve Dillon and then Mike Deodato but then the story kinda went all over the shop. I mean I cant even remember how this started?! Wolverine was mad at ….no Wolverine wanted to …ummm no I forget?! HELP ME! Where did this start? what happened? and where is it going? Is Daken ( and the sweet artwork) the only good thing to come out of Origins. Plz dont get me started on you Daken hating X-23 lover out there… Read more »

14 years ago

I haaaaated steve dillons run. all of a sudden he’s skinny and lanky, has a small rectangular head and everybody he draws has the same face and weird lips, and they all look like butt-head, i was sooo mad. even cable in that new hope comic he’s doing, same freaking face with white hair and some lines on his eyes, and no real detail whatsoever. ugh…

14 years ago

Steve Dillon needs to stay away from comics. period. I’ve hated his run. It was god awful…jesus…you’ve just brought up a period of my life I’ll never get back. Don’t worry about how it started because none of it makes any sense

14 years ago

yep, i hated steve dillon’s run too..never liked his style, too bad the entire first half was drawn by him..it was a very nice change when segovia bcame the artist.

14 years ago

Steve Dillon the best artist of the entire series. Best story-teller in comics. Period.
Stephen Segovia? LMFAO The dude tries to rip off Leinil Francis Yu but doesn’t come close. Very amateurish. You Dillon haters deserve to be raped with a jackhammer.

14 years ago

I guess the name says it all…. At last, an intelligent ass-essment of Dillon’s artistic abilities, hmmmmnnn…….

14 years ago

okay. i’m sorry, but i didnt even need to look hard for examples…

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Exhibit C:

just try and TELL ME that’s not the same, crappily drawn, detail-less face!

14 years ago

Guess you haven’t read a little book called PREACHER. ‘Nuff said.

14 years ago

Stephen Segovia ……. ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ah ha.
Mr. McBoogerballs is right Segovia is a HUGE ripoff.
I’d like to see you draw like Steve Dillon. At least he isn’t rippin anyone off …..much.
I guess you just dont understand art.
If you dont like good artists read DC.

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