Rest of the Rest: Prelude to Breaking Marvel Comic

In the remaining Wolverine appearances for the week, we first have a neat tale from the early days of the new X-Men, second is a bizarro alternative universe appearance, third is a kids version of Wolverine (ugh!), and finally, we have a fun appearance I missed from previous week…

Breaking Into Comics: The Marvel Way #1 (Preview)
“Let It Out”
Writer: Chris Yost
Art: Paul Davidson

From Marvel: “Want to know what it takes to break into Marvel Comics like these guys? Then look no further than this two-part book which is a must-have for anyone wanting to be a Comic Book Breakout Star! After traveling the globe and meeting scores of talented illustrators, intrepid writer, editor and talent manager C.B. Cebulski is giving twelve rising star artists the opportunity to do their breakout work at Marvel Comics! But not only will BREAKING INTO COMICS THE MARVEL WAY showcase the work of these up-and-comers, C.B. will also provide an insider’s commentary on how these artists got their work seen and what it was that landed them the gig. And with step-by-step submission information and a sample Marvel Comics script, these books are MUST HAVES for anyone interested in doing their breakout work and breaking into the comics industry!”

In stores March 10, 2010.

Prelude to the Deadpool Corps #2 (Preview)
Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Whilce Portacio

From Marvel: “Witness the birth of the most important super hero team ever in a universe-spanning event that will rock the month of March! Wade Wilson has been tapped to save the Universe, and to do that he’s going to need help. Enter: The sexy-but-insecure Lady Deadpool! The devious-but-lovable Headpool (a.k.a. the Zombie Deadpool Head)! The bratty-but-brilliant Kidpool! And the irascible mutt known as Dogpool! Individually, they’re, well, kind of messed up, but together, they’re the unstoppable force know as DPC.”

In stores March 10, 2010.




Marvel Super Hero Squad #3 (Preview)
Writer: Todd DeZago
Art: Leonel Castellani, Marcelo DiChiara

From Marvel: “‘When Slurks The Slime!’ When a tiny jellyfish is transformed into a giant slimy blob, the Super Hero Squad have their hands full trying to keep it from engulfing all of Super Hero City! Also, Thor reflects on his childhood–and his own gorgeous reflection in ‘Reflections!’ And, Captain America and The Falcon team up again…for the first time! ”

In stores March 10, 2010.





Girl Comics #1 (Preview)
“Head Space”
Writer: Devin Grayson
Art: Emma Rios

From Marvel: “With the most controversial question in the Marvel Universe finally answered right on the cover, Marvel is proud to bring you a celebration of amazing women in comics with the first of a three issue anthology entirely created by the most talented and exciting women working in comics today, including Ann Nocenti (DAREDEVIL), Amanda Conner (Power Girl), Laura Martin (SECRET INVASION), G. Willow Wilson (Air), Devin Grayson (Nightwing), Stephanie Buscema (WEB OF SPIDER-MAN), and more! With stories featuring your favorite Marvel characters, from the Punisher to Mary Jane, don’t miss what will be the one of the most talked about series of the year! (Please note: She-Hulk would totally win).”

In stores March 3, 2010.

Share your thoughts on the four Wolverine appearances in the comments below.

And don’t forget to add any Wolverine other appearances from the week that I may have missed (that still means you, Comusiv!)…

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