Rest of the Rest: Second Coming of Ms. Nation X…

Second Coming: Prepare (Preview)
Writer: Mike Carey
Pencils: Stuart Immonen
Inks: Michael Lacombe

From Marvel: “In the blink of an eye, the mutant species went from a population of 16 million to 198. To make matters worse the mutant gene had shut down and years passed with no new mutants activations. With extinction all but guaranteed, mutantkind’s outlook was bleak.

“Then, one morning, the impossible happened and a mutant baby was born. Her birth was greeted with carnage and death but her salvation came in the form of the X-Man Cable. Cable and the X-Men saved her from those who wanted to control or kill her, but, faced with the matter of her upbringing, chose to send her into the future with Cable as her caretaker. Thus, the X-Men were left to wait for this girl to hopefully become something that could save their species.

“The future proved just as dangerous as the present, but Cable kept her safe and taught her to be a soldier like him. After 16 years in the future, she decided to come back. Her name is Hope Summers, and she has returned.

“But the X-Men weren’t the only ones waiting. This story takes place two days after Hope and Cable returned from the future.”

Free ‘Second Coming’ prologue available February 24, 2010.

Wolverine also appears in the background of two panels in ‘Nation X’ #3 and on the cover of ‘Ms. Marvel’ #50.

And Daken appears in the very surreal ‘Dark Wolverine’ #83…

So feel free to share your thoughts of these Wolverine-associated tales in the comments below and don’t forget to add any Wolverine appearances from the week that I may have missed (that means you, Comusiv!)…

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14 years ago

Official Index of the Marvel Universe had some covers with Wolverine on them if you really want to be a completist.

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