Rest of the Rest: Eye of the Hercules Camera

Incredible Hercules #141 (Preview)
Writer: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Artist: Rodney Buchemi

From Marvel: “ASSAULT ON NEW OLYMPUS, Finale! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS! The past two years of storylines in Incredible Hercules have been building to one climactic moment, and here it arrives at last! The final showdown between Hercules and Typhon! Amadeus Cho becomes a true hero at last! And just why was Athena so happy at the end of “Sacred Invasion,” anyway? All secrets are revealed in what is undoubtedly the most shocking ending of the year! Don’t tell the Internet why we had to call this issue, EVERYBODY DIES!”

Wolverine appears, but only barely, as Hercules fights for his life…

On sale February 17, 2010.



Marvels: Eye of the Camera #6 (Preview)
Writer: Kurt Busiek & Roger Sterm
Artist: Jay Anacleto

From Marvel: “The grand finale! As the X-Men face a splashy televised death in Dallas, Phil Sheldon and his family have a quiet and unexpected late-night reunion. Will it be their last time together as a family? What will it mean for Phil’s legacy, and his book? This issue brings the second great story of Phil Sheldon and the Marvel Universe to an unforgettable conclusion.”

This recap of ‘Fall of the Mutants’ is a surprisingly emotional and bittersweet final issue of the series…

Also on sale February 17, 2010.

Feel free to share your thoughts of these Wolverine-associated tales in the comments below and don’t forget to add any Wolverine appearances from the week that I may have missed (that means you, Comusiv)…

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14 years ago

Wolverine appeared in Incredible Hulk #607 and he does play a decent role along side Spider-man

Spider-man and Wolverine were visiting the Mighty Avengers when the Red She-Hulk attacked. It is written by Greg Pak who worked on Planet Hulk if I am not mistaken. The story isn’t too terribly bad and I don’t mind picking up the next issue to see how it develops.

14 years ago

Other than the Incredible Hulk # 606 and Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard # 4, I got nothing else to add. That is except for Wolverine on the variant cover for Hulk # 20.

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