Wolverine News & Previews (2/17): Top 300 Comics

ICv2 has released the sales of the Top 300 Comics for January 2010 (details). Of special interest is the strength of ‘Dark Wolverine’ at no. 21 and the weakness of the other Wolverine titles: ‘Wolverine Origins’ at no. 52, ‘Wolverine Weapon X’ at no. 60 and ‘Wolverine: Wendigo’ at no. 111. ‘Uncanny X-Men’ fares much better at no. 10, ‘X-Force’ at no. 22, though ‘X-Men Forever’ lags behind at no. 107 and 113…

As for probable/possible Wolverine appearances this week (2/17/09), we have previews of…

Dark Avengers #14 (preview): Siege continues…
Hulk #20 (preview): Red Hulk vs. the X-Men…
Marvels: Eye of the Camera #6 (preview): Flashing back to ‘Fall of the Mutants’…
Psylocke #4 (preview): Conclusion of ‘Kill Matsu’o”…
Uncanny X-Men #521 (preview): Wolverine cuts loose…

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14 years ago

NOOOOOOOOOOO ! Wolverine Weapon X is way better then Dark Wolverine. T_T

Also the preview for Psylocke #4 is freaking awesome. If they can still revisit Matsu’o then there is hope for revisiting other characters that have been limbo forever. (Jubilee and Wolverine team up anyone? There are so many loose ends I would like to see wrapped up.)

14 years ago

@deadzpoolz i agree with you but dark wolverine’s sale is probably boosted by the fact that it is a tie-in to siege..

14 years ago

A new Wolverine comic called Wolverine #900 is being released in May. It looks like it might follow the lead of Deadpool #900. If my suspicions are right, we might see it transform into Wolverine Team-Up.

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