X-Men Forever #12 Review: Dark Magik

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… For my last review this week I am doing a partial review. Time is just not on my side right now. Anyway here’s ‘X-Men Forever’. Hope you enjoy it.

X-Men Forever #12 (preview)
Writer: Chris Claremont
Penciler: Tom Grummett
Inker: Cory Hamscher

NOTE: Wolverine does not appear in this issue


MY TAKE: X-Men Forever has been a mixed bag for a while and it partially depends on your ability to let go of the canon and look at the series with a fresh perspective. While I still do not agree with the setup, taken for itself this is a pretty good comic. The adventure in Russia is interesting and a good setup, plus I am excited for the new take on DarkChylde.

The characterizations are universally good, if a bit odd. The X-Men are certainly recognizable although it is a bit hard to relate to some of the decisions they make. Still Claremont knows how to write them and the dialogue is always entertaining. He is a little overly introspective here but he is very good at getting into the toon’s head and show exactly what makes them tick. I miss seeing the thought bubbles in the current comics and this is a nice little piece of nostalgia.

The plot is still pretty basic, several X-Men are looking for Illyana while the rest of the mansion deals with the revelations of the prior storylines. It is good to see Rogue getting some of the spotlight and having Jean step into the leader role has a lot of potential. The best moments are still being given to Sabretooth. He is taking Wolverine’s role but doing it with a great deal of style and personality. He is pretty much the same character from the Exiles and it is nice to see him return.

I am still not quite sure that I am completely sold on the title or the changes to the team but this storyline has been very good so far. I admit to being a bit prejudiced, in general, as I am usually a fan of anything with Illyana in it. But it this is definitely something different and interesting and I have enjoyed the take on Piotr so far as well. Next issue looks to really heat things up as we see the evil teenage Magik show just how strong she can be. I cannot wait.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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