‘Wolverine: Origins’ #42 Review

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… Due to my lack of free time, I am only going to do a review of ‘Wolverine: Origins’ and no recap. I will probably be doing more of these going forward.

Wolverine: Origins #42 (preview)
Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Doug Braithwaite


REVIEW: If I had to pick only one word to describe this issue it would be, pointless. If I added a second it would be, forgettable. That is not to say it is a bad comic, for Origins it is actually a good read, I just do not see the purpose of any of the story. Even if Logan kills Romulus, which he already proved he could, someone else would move into the role with just as big of a grudge against Logan, probably his son. So why bother? If you just want revenge then hunt him down again and finish him. All of this seems to be wasted time and effort.

Wolverine is acting like this is some unbeatable opponent, which we know he is not. And even if that is what Logan believes, then why go out of your way to recruit enemies/occasional, grudging allies to your cause? Wolverine is on four different teams and has more friends and trusted associates then pretty much anyone in Marvel. Many of those are master tacticians in their own right, it would be easy to come up with a plan and eliminate Romulus once and for all. It just makes no sense to go about it this way.

Of course if you can forget or forgive the plot then this is not a badly written issue. The scenes with Banner are decent if you can ignore the rather sudden change of heart. I was glad to see Cloak here although he seems to talk like William Shatner for some reason; all pauses. Even the Silver Samurai is well handled and an interesting addition to the group. Though why Logan needs help learning to use his own sword is a mystery.

In the end this is another issue that could have just as well been left unwritten. I had completely forgotten it two days later and had to scan through the issue just to remember the basics. It just seems so unneeded that I can not really process it well. Which is a shame because in other circumstances and with a different writer, this could be a very interesting and engaging story.

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14 years ago

I thought this was a good issue. My take on Origins is that only Logan or Daken can fill Romulus shoes. No one else. (Because they have been killed) I don’t think he chooses to involve his team mates because he wants to surprise Romulus who is able to predict his actions. But I’ve always thought that was the beauty of comics or movies. The individual paying money to view / purchase the media can interrupt it any way he/she desires. So in the eyes of yours truly, I see it as having a very solid and obvious point. =)… Read more »

14 years ago

I do admit to being completely biased against this series after all the bad (to me) writing and story telling. It’s why I have been trying to get someone else to do the reviews so it is more fair. I am glad you liked it. I do understand your point about being unpredictable. Still if you are going against an arch-enemy you want people you can trust (who he can’t just buy off or manipulate to betray you) at your side. I don’t know anyone in marvel that could stand up to the combined might of the X-Men, the Avengers… Read more »

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