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Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… Trying to get what I can finish done this week, the rest will be done with pellet reviews. First up is  ‘Wolverine: Weapon X’. Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine: Weapon X #7 (preview)
Writer: Jason Aaron
Penciller: Yanick Paquette
Inker: Michel Lacombe


RECAP: The issue opens with Wolverine being blasted with fire hoses. Dr. Rottwell is trying to get Wolverine to pick up a weapon and defend himself but he refuses. The Doctor orders his helpers to beat Logan with electric cattle prods for his disobedience. The next day, in the cafeteria, Logan sees one patient abusing another but does nothing to help.

That night the abusive patient is seen with his hands cut off, being chased by some of the employees. Wolverine goes back to sleep and dreams about his past. He wakes up wondering about the claws in his nightmare. He starts to question why he is there since it does not appear they are trying to help him get well.

Three mobsters show up giving a password and wanting to use one of patients for an assassination. Rottwell shows him to the abusive patient who now has chainsaws for hands. The mobsters wanted something a lot more discreet and call to their boss to check things out. The doctor releases the killer who slays two of the men. Rottwell drugs the other then straps him down and then messes with his brain.

Another day in the cafeteria and the same victim is being hurt, this time by the guards. Logan starts to pop his claws but pulls back and does not interfere. The patient kills himself later. We see more scenes of Logan being abused and humiliated before he taken back to the shower room and hosed again. He is told he will be killed if he refuses to fight back and Wolverine finally snaps. Popping his claws and saying his name is Logan, Wolverine kills both of the guards to the delight of the doctor.

MY TAKE: This is a very interesting story although it does take a bit too long for Wolverine to remember who he is. I am definitely enjoying the tale though, since it is something new and different. We are finally being given a bigger picture of what the hospital is for and it is actually pretty logical. Tormenting and breaking people with mental problems to forge them into insane killers is a nice little twist.

Although Logan does not really work as a meek mouse, some of his introspection is very insightful. The rest of the characterizations are pretty strong. Rottwell is definitely coming into his own as a truly sick and twisted individual. The hospital itself is almost taking on a kind of personality and it will be fun to watch what the chainsaw handed inmate does.

I am still waiting for some sort of explanation on how they were able to capture and hold Wolverine so long or even affect his mind to this extent. The ending made it look like the doctor was surprised by the claws which only makes the whole thing more confusing. Wolverine has always been shown to be difficult to mentally manipulate and even harder to keep altered. It is hard to believe he could be so easily controlled unwittingly.

I was also starting to grow impatient by the slow pace throughout the issue. I certainly do not mind seeing less action-oriented and more-character focused stories. Many times they are the best ones. But this did not read like Wolverine’s personality and it was obviously a waiting game until he finally popped his claws and went to town. It just took nearly two full issues and that felt like overkill.

Still the story is engaging enough to give it some slack and the rest of the issues look to be both action packed and hopefully full of strange revelations. Wolverine fighting the chainsaw guy alone will probably be worth the combined cover price.

In the end this was a strong issue but it suffered a bit from the slow pacing. While I understand wanting to end the issue with Logan coming into his own and getting ready to take down the hospital, I think it would have been better have had it happen sooner. Still it does not hurt the story too much and I am really looking forward to the rest of the issues.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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14 years ago

I didn’t think it was over kill at all. Two issues wasn’t that long for me. Especially compared to how the first story arc went.

I only hope everything is not wrapped up too quickly.

14 years ago

My problem is that the personality did not really fit and we have seen Wolverine as a timid person before and we know how it is going to end. There is no real reason to drag it out.

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