Wolverine News & Previews: Second Coming & Siege Details…

Another heavy week of Wolverine appearances, but first the news…

Marvel Comics have begun leaking out news of future major storylines. ComicBookResources.com has coverage of ‘X-Men: Second Coming’ (details), the final chapter of the Messiah trilogy and ‘Siege’ (details), the end of Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign…

In other news, the ‘Weapon X 100 Project’ has now hit 35 covers (details). And finally, Marvel has released a sneak preview of Dark Wolverine #80 (details), in stores November 25…

Probable and Possible (Dark) Wolverine Appearances in stores on 10/28/09
Dark Reign: The List – Wolverine (preview): Jason Aaron does Fantomax & Weapon Plus…
Hulk #16 (preview): Jeph Loeb presents Red She-Hulk…
New Avengers #58 (preview): Is Wolverine ever returning to the New Avengers?
New Mutants #6 (preview): Necrosha continues…
Wolverine Art Appreciation: Reprinting Wolverine variant covers from earlier in the year…
Wolverine: First Class #20 (preview): Wolverine Team-Up starring Captain Marvel!
Wolverine: Weapon X #6 (preview): Wolverine loses his memories in ‘Insane in the Brain’…
X-Force/New Mutants: Necrosha (preview): Necrosha begins…
X-Force #20 (preview): Necrosha Prologue…
X-Men Forever #10 (preview): The funeral of Wolverine…

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14 years ago

There’s certainly a lot of good art in the Weapon X 100 Project!! Some really great stuff, too! Thanks for the news, Ace!

14 years ago

I just wanted to clear something up to give credit where credit is due: DiG is the one who wrote and posted this news in actuality. There’s some sort of glitch in the system that keeps replacing his name with mine.

The only thing I have ever and likely will ever post on the main Wolverine Files news page are reviews. So for any of you who see this happen again, it’s all DiG. :)

14 years ago


WordPress is driving me nuts. Every time I edit a post, it defaults the writer credit to Ace (who is kind enough to remind everyone that I wrote the post).

I will try to get this sorted out soonest.

14 years ago

O-K … credit where credit’s due! Thanks, DiG, for keeping up the news and the other interesting features of this site.

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