Introducing Artist Jerry Lando

I first noticed Jerry Lando through the Penciljack Forums while trying to recruit artists for a webcomic project I’ve been trying to launch (

But it was a series of Wolverine pages he was posting on the forums that really made me sit up and take notice.

At first I thought them pages for an upcoming Wolverine one shot, but soon discovered that, like me, Jerry was hoping to break into comics.

Unlike me, Jerry is an artist and unbelievably talented.

I quickly offered to highlight some of his artwork on the Wolverine Files so I could claim a brush with greatness once the whole world sees how good he is.

Of course, that was several weeks ago before I got bogged down with work and a weekly commute from Maryland to New York City.

So to avoid any more lengthy delays, let me present a page of Jerry Lando’s terrific work.

Jerry Lando Wolverine Art

As for Jerry, he is a Kubert School grad, and has now completed five pages of the ‘Wolverine: Black Rain‘ script. And you can see all of those pages in order on the Penciljack Forums and Photobucket.

So please make Jerry feel welcomed.

Now if only I can get Jerry to work on my Wolverine script and webcomic!


UPDATE: Additional discussion of Jerry Lando’s art style and excellence can be found at the Wolverine Files Forum.

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14 years ago

Wow! Jerry Lando should be working for Marvel!

14 years ago

Awesome! I agree with raja! Will marvel publish the wolverine: black rain? Hopefully they do..

14 years ago

I like Jerry’s style and composition, but in the close-up of Logan, he should play down the oversized canines. I know other artists over the years have given Logan slightly enlarged canines, but I don’t really want to see too much of that. (Return to the 90’s, anyone?) The ‘fangs’ here immediately made me think of the Wolfman — not Wolverine.

14 years ago

@Pamela oh, i just noticed it too..and yes, i do agree with you..i think wolverine’s canines should be bigger than normal but not as big as a dogs..

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