‘Wolverine: First Class’ #19 Review: Space Kitty!

Hey, everyone, jrpbsp here… I’m wasting no time this week so here is my second review ‘Wolverine: First Class’.  Hope you enjoy it.

Wolverine First: First Class #19 cover Wolverine: First Class #19
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Writer: Peter David
Art: Dennis Calero


RECAP: The issue opens with Kitty Pryde getting up and doing her morning routine. It is not until she opens her blinds that she notices that instead of her bedroom she is actually on a space ship. At first she thinks it might be a trick but after testing the outside with a cup she learns that the view is real.

But she is still having a better day then Logan who is also on the ship and is being tortured by the Super Skrull. Wolverine is confident of his escape even though his bonds are adamantium. The Skrull does not reveal his intentions but shows a video of Kitty in her ‘room’ which was recreated from hard-light and which is protected by a field which activates when she tries to phase through it.

Wolverine tries to get the Super-Skrull to tell his plans but the alien refuses. But in the few moments of distraction, Kitty apparently vanishes from the room.

A group of Skrulls are sent in to search but they do not see her. That is when Kitty emerges the bed she phased into and makes a break for it. One of the Skrulls catches her but Shadowcat phases him and uses the room’s defense against him. More Skrulls arrive from each direction, but Kitty phases through their fire so they shoot each other.

She then runs into Wolverine in the hall who says he escaped from the Super Skrull but is hurt. As Kitty helps him, ‘Wolverine’ reveals himself to be another Skrull and knocks her out. The green alien is interrupted by someone and taken out as well.

We return to Logan who is still a captive being tortured by the Super Skrull.The alien is demanding to know where Kitty went. His question is answered by the timely arrival of Shadowcat and her rescuer Captain Marvel.

MY TAKE: The story is very Kitty-centric and it starts out very strong. The scenes in her room are definitely the best in the issue. The rest of the plot is kind of weak however, and it seems to just be set up as an excuse to allow the use of Captain Marvel. While the character is interesting that should never be the driving force for a comic.

The characterizations are very good especially Kitty and it is great to see her using her mind and thinking through problems rather then just phasing through them. We do not see much of Wolverine but he is still given a strong fighter voice which works well for him.

The plot is the weak point here. While it was nice that the Super Skrull is smart enough not to fall into a villain monologue, the lack of discussion gives us nothing of the reasons behind the abductions. We are left with a whole bunch of questions that distract from the enjoyment of the story.

While the beginning was great, I do not see the logic in the Skrulls recreating Kitty’s bedroom. She is a prisoner so why should they care if she knows it immediately? She would find out when she tried to leave the room anyway.

Besides which we are not given any real explanation at why or how the pair are snatched from the mansion without detection. Or in fact how Wolverine was taken at all considering his senses and fighting skills. All we have is a general explanation about wanting to conduct tests on the mutants which seems to be a pretty poor reason to risk it.

In truth the plot just feels like a generic science fiction story, even the cover has that feel. I want more from the writing then vague references and excuses as to how the heroes got into trouble. We do not get it here.

I do want to mention that the artwork was very good. It especially strong in the expressions on Kitty’s face. I do not believe her scenes would have been nearly as effective without the little artistic touches.

In the end this is a cute issue with some good Shadowcat scenes but very little story to back them up. Hopefully we will get some more explanations next issue along with the Skrull smashing that is sure to ensue.

Thanks for reading my review for Wolverine Files. I will be keeping to this format for the most part but please keep the comments coming and I will see everyone again next time.

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