Wolverine News & Previews: Wolverine DVD Cubed

Big DVD day for Wolverine with the release of the summer blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine, volume two of the NickToon’s animated series Wolverine and the X-Men, and volumes three and four of the classic 90s animated series X-Men. Newsarama has all the details in The Three (DVD) Faces of Wolverine

In other Wolverine News…

  • Marvel: ‘Wolverine vs. Thor’ Digital Comic Released (details)
  • CBR: More Wolverine 2 Movie Details (details)
  • CBR: Matt Fraction on ‘Utopia’ (details)
  • CBR: Chris Claremont on ‘X-Men Forever’ (details)

Probable (and Possible) (Dark) Wolverine Appearances in stores on 9/16/09
Dark Avengers #9 (preview): Brian Bendis and Mike Deodato return…
Dark Wolverine #78 (preview): Things start to fall apart for Daken…
Marvel Zombies Return #3 (details): The return of Zombie Wolverine…
Uncanny X-Men: First Class #3 (preview): More early New X-Men fun…
X-Men Legacy Annual #1 (preview): Wolverine makes the cover at the very least…

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14 years ago

From Steve Fritz’s “DVD Review: The Three Faces of Wolverine,” regarding “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”: “The main problem here is the script is just an unbelievable mess. It tries to compress Logan’s 35-year history into one compact film. When all is said and done, it’s just plain to unbelievable that Logan is, quite frankly, such a dumb putz.” ########## “On the other hand, Logan’s sufferings throughout this film would rival Job. Jackman also just feels more and more disinterested as the film continues.” I absolutely agree with the first part of Fritz’s statement quoted above. The script WAS an unbelievable mess,… Read more »

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