Wolverine Files Update XXXIX: Wolverine Files Needs Your Help

September is here and it’s time to crank things up on the Wolverine Files.

To that end, I could use your help on a few things…

  1. We really need a few more reviewers. Jrpbsp has been doing a herculean job so far, but I fear for the safety of his brain if he continues on such a torrid pace. Cranial explosions are never a good thing, so if you have an interest in reviewing a few of the Wolverine titles on a regular basis, please drop me a line at dig@wolverinefiles.com. I do need to see a sample of your writing, so feel free to write up a review of any issue currently on the stands as your audition.
  2. You may have noticed that we have lost several of the moderators on the Wolverine Files Forum over the summer. Not sure why exactly, but if you are interested in helping out there by creating new threads (especially for upcoming issues), fostering fun conversations and encouraging a friendly environment, email me at dig@wolverinefiles.com.
  3. Because I would love to get back to updating the Wolverine chronology, I could also use help dealing with Wolverine News. Ideally, I would like to transition Wolverine News from Mondays to posting news as the news cycle warrants. Again, if interested drop me a line at, well, you can probably figure that one out.

Finally, if you are interested in helping out in general or you have ideas and the time to improve the site (such as a cover and synopsis database for back issues of Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine), well, don’t keep such thoughts to yourself.

Cheers, DiG…

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14 years ago

I could return and participate to the forums if Gabriel Zero is no more a moderator, but I’m not sure if I’d get ready to be a moderator as I don’t think I’ll have enoufg of my time for the job.

14 years ago

hey guys, i have a suggestion..but it might make your jobs harder though..why not review wolverine figures/stats/busts too?

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