Wolverine News: Disney Acquires Marvel


More details as they become available.


UPDATE: Hollywood Reporter on the Disney-Marvel conference call this morning…

SECOND UPDATE: Comic Book Resources adds more details from the conference call and Joe Quesada

THIRD UPDATE: Deadline Hollywood Daily provides analysis of the Disney-Marvel deal

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14 years ago

I just read this myself and came over. It is just bad news to me personally.

Ok on one hand they will have a lot more potential money and backing and be better able to absorb hits and market fluctuations.

But on the other Disney has a bad reputation for being controlling and manipulative with anything it owns. Look at how Pixar ran away until they could get more say in what they did. Since Disney brands everything to kids some of the smart and mature comics could be a thing of the past.

14 years ago

I don’t think much will change near term, but I don’t see this ending well.

Especially when Disney inevitably decides to take back all the movie properties over time.

14 years ago

it’ll be revealed sometime soon that howard the duck is the long lost brother of donald..at least this time when someone dies, they reappear as figures made out of clouds..

14 years ago


The Mouse owns The Wolverine…..

Somehow, I find that quite sad, and wonder how Disney will eventually treat this treasure trove of beloved characters.

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