Wolverine News: San Diego Comic-Con

Sorry for the late posting of Wolverine News this week, and yes, I know the con is officially named Comic-Con International: San Diego, but it’s still the San Diego Comic-Con to me…

So without further ado, let’s get to the Wolverine-related news announced over the weekend…

  • CBR: Daniel Way Talks Wolverine(s) (details)
  • Newsarama: An X-Forced Confession from Chris Yost (details)
  • CBR: Kyle, Yost, Carey and Wells Talk X-Crossover ‘Necrosha’ (details)
  • CBR: Mondo Marvel Panel (details)
  • CBR: X-Men Panel (details)
  • CBR: Marvel Animation Panel (details)

And lest we forget, Wolverine continues his guest-starring role in the Amazing Spider-Man comic strip (details)

Probable (and Possible) Wolverine Appearances in stores on 7/29/09
Dark X-Men: Beginnings #2 (preview): How Daken joined the Dark X-Men…
The New Avengers #55 (details): Wolverine makes a mess of Cap’s apartment…
Ultimatum #5 (details): Finally, the finale…
Wolverine Noir #4 (preview): Another merciful finale…
X-Men Forever #4 (details): Guest-starring Wolverine’s claw!

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14 years ago

From the Way interview – “Some readers are wondering how Daken can have a tattoo, given that he inherited his father’s mutant healing factor. “Ink is not a poison. So when the wound from the tattooing process heals, the ink will still be there,” Way said. “Tattoos aren’t scar tissue. There’s scar tissue underneath but when you traumatize the skin and saturate it with ink, the skin heals and the tattoo remains. Everybody gets tattoos and everybody heals from the tattoo. The tattoo ink is left behind and it’s not poison so his healing factor doesn’t get rid of it.”… Read more »

14 years ago

I must agree Pamlea has a point. We are always told that Wolverine`s body interprets any sort of foreign object as a threat and thus his body eliminates it. We`re not just talking about toxins – we`re talking anything, from brood eggs to the common cold germs! I don`t see how tattoo ink would be any different…they should have just said it was painted on his skin or something….

14 years ago

Perhaps their healing factorsare different.

I tend to look at Logan’s healing factor as more of a “status quo factor”. Logan has a set template, and every time he heals, it’s back to that one form. He never heals with more or less muscle mass, his body hair grows back with his tissue, etc. Any foreign change to his body is considered an attacker and, for lack of a better term is “healed” away.

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