Wolverine Week-27-in-Review: Astonishing Tales #6

Wolverine appeared in only ONE TITLE (two if you count Daken as Dark Wolverine) this week (July 01, 2009), with our very own jrpbsp providing a write-up for the Daken appearance and the second chapter of ‘Utopia’ in Uncanny X-Men #513

For my part, I will share my curmudgeonly impression of…

Astonishing Tales #6 (preview | thread)
Writers: C.B. Cebulski and Jim McCann
Art: Kenneth Rocafort

This being the finale, I reread the first five chapters to see if I was missing some overarching theme that would change my opinion on this run.

Alas, I seem to have missed nothing.

This really is nothing more than a melodramatic pose-fest. And the dialogue is so corny and cliched as to defy belief.

That said, anyone out there enjoy this six-parter?

NOTE: I still have not been able to track down a copy of Wolverine Noir #3 from last week, so my review will have to wait until I can locate a copy.

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15 years ago

Nope outside of some pretty nice views on Tyger (once I figured out who she was supposed to be) the whole thing was a huge waste of time. I have yet to bother even having it pulled for me.

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