Wolverine News: John Byrne’s X-Men Evermore?

It all started innocuously enough on the Byrne Robotics forums whilst discussing ‘X-Men Forever’. But before you know it, fans have John Byrne plotting his own X-Men future in ‘X-Men Evermore’…

This is probably the last movie update as ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ is really winding down at the box office, its domestic gross barely creeping up to $177.9 million over the weekend. Having been passed by ‘Transformers 2’ and ‘Up’, the film actually fell back to being #126th domestic grossing film of all time, but still inched past ‘Hitch’ in the process. With international box office added in, ‘Wolverine’ has accrued $361.1 million worldwide, remaining the #126th grossing film of all time worldwide.

In other Wolverine News…
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Probable (and Possible) Wolverine Appearances in stores on 7/01/09
Uncanny X-Men #513 (preview): Dark Wolverine, at the very least, confirmed..
Astonishing Tales #6 (preview): Wolverine/Punisher continues…

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