Wolverine News: It’s Gotta Be the Shoes!

The ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ box office update is up first.

‘Wolverine’ pushed its domestic gross to $174.3 million over the weekend and positioned itself as the #130th domestic grossing film of all time, slashing past ‘Home Alone 2’, ‘National Treasure’ and ‘Apollo 13’.

With international box office added in, ‘Wolverine’ has accrued $350.7 million worldwide, clocking in as the #140th grossing film of all time worldwide, placing ‘Wolverine’ just ahead of ‘Back to the Future’, ‘Seven’ and ‘Hannibal’.

Wolverine sneakers

In other Wolverine News news…
Bleeding Cool: (as seen above) Wolverine Sneakers from Nike (details | thread)
The Hero Initiative: ‘Wolverine 100’ Project to Help Comic Book Creators (details | thread)
CBR: Larry Hama Talks Wolverine… and G.I. Joe (details)

Probable (and Possible) Wolverine Appearances in stores on 6/03/09
Uncanny X-Men #511 (preview): Wolverine confirmed…
Uncanny X-Men: First Class Giant-Sized Special #1 (preview): Early New X-Men…
Wolverine #74 (details): Jason Aaron/Daniel Way split finales…
X-Men Forever #1 (details): Claremont returns…

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14 years ago

Ugh. Those things are ugly. =(

14 years ago

The F’in 80’s are on the rise and here is a prime example of why we all should let the those styles stay in the past! I’d like to see the sales numbers on those “things” over time!!! – :)

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