Wolverine News: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Edges Ahead

Probably would have been more apropos for the Monday post when ‘Star Trek’ dethroned ‘Wolverine’ as the #1 film, but it still works a few days later…

Spock vs. Wolverine

With Tuesday’s box office, ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ edged up to $132.9 million gross, making it the #237th domestic grossing film of all time, smashing ‘The Hulk’ (2003), quieting ‘Silence of the Lambs’, squashing ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Kids’ and harpooning ‘Tomb Raider’.

Up next? ‘Troy’, ‘Mission Impossible III’ and ‘Anger Management’.

With an impressive overseas box office of $123.7 added in, ‘Wolverine’ has jumped to $256.6 million worldwide, clocking in as the #244th grossing film of all time worldwide , tying ‘Wolverine’ with ‘Erin Brockovich’ and placing it just ahead of ‘Waterworld’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (2008) and ‘Unbreakable’.

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15 years ago

How did you like the Star Trek movie DiG?

15 years ago

Thanks, Ahma, as you mention, there was so much potential, loads of stories to draw from for a tight, well-crafted movie, even several possibilities for a great “origins” story, but the opportunity was squandered. Just sad, and this picture drives it home.

I’m glad they’re considering the Japan story, and I’m ready to see it, but there are so may others that would be good also.

15 years ago

Great picture, and I was a fan of Spock from the beginning…but it still makes me sad, in a way. Now, I prefer Logan….

15 years ago

That pic kinda makes me sad. Wolverine (the character) had a lot of potential, loads of arcs to pick from and wrap up a decent hour and a half story, but noooooo.

Oh well, here`s hoping for Logan in Japan!

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