Classic Wolverine Cover: Alpha Flight #52

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Kevin Nowlan took a stylish turn on this wonderful throwback cover from November 1987 for Alpha Flight #52.

Known more for his Moon Knight work than Wolverine, Nowlan delivered an intriguing look at an Alpha Flight team that never was…

Wolverine Covers: Alpha Flight #52

The subsequent issue, Alpha Flight #53, featured a fairly run-of-the-mill cover by the trio of Carl Potts, Jim Lee and Terry Austin. But since it stars Wolverine, it’s worth a look here. As is Daredevil #249 (out the same month), which offered a surprisingly lifeless cover by Rick Leonardi and Al Williamson

Wolverine Covers: Alpha Flight #53 Wolverine Covers: Daredevil #249

The inside work by the same duo was a different story…

Wolverine Covers: Daredevil #249 panel

If only Rick could always draw like this…

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15 years ago

Nice site. I dig the cover gallery! I need to go over my collection because there are alot of great covers.

15 years ago

This is probably by favorite cover review so far. I am really impressed with this since Wolverine’s Alpha Flight connection is so rare to come by. Thanks for sharing.

15 years ago

Oh, WOW! (Not much of a comment, but that last panel really has the “wow factor.”)

15 years ago

I just imagined Cal Todd uttering those words! hehe….then again, Cal`s voice is my default Wolvie. In my head he utters any Wolvie line I happen to read :p

(I forgot to mention I was refering to the bottom picture in my earlier post as well)

Thank you for the great update, DiG!

15 years ago

Now THAT`S a jaw dropped! Look at that expression! The details! The angle! Even the off-frame effect! Amazing!

14 years ago

Is the story all wrapped up in issue s 53 – 53? and does the story continue on into #249 of Daredevil?

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