X-Men Legacy #223 Review

Hey, everyone…I am still pretty new here and I want to thank DiG for giving me the opportunity to review the issue. I hope people will enjoy it or at least find it helpful.

X-Men Legacy #223 cover X-Men Legacy#223
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Writer: Mike Carey
Penciler: Scot Eaton
Inker: Andrew Hennessy

Note: Wolverine did NOT appear in this issue…


RECAP: The issue has two separate plot lines. The first is Rogue continuing her journey of self-discovery deep in the confines of Danger’s virtual reality. She confronts her past shown by the monstrous form of Ms. Marvel as shown from Rogue’s time in the Savage Land. It was the same Ms. Marvel that Rogue defeated once to expunge Carol from her mind. In this case Ms. Marvel becomes Mystique and is defeated when Rogue lets her own version of Mystique loose. But the real test is Magneto from his days in the Savage Land. He is both a temptation and a source of innate wisdom. In the end it is Magneto that benefits Rogue by setting her on the correct path.

The other story is Xavier, Gambit and the Shi’ar facing Danger’s true self. Xavier is able to use a telepathic back door to confront the program directly. After a conversation between the two where Xavier explains his actions to the A.I. he is eventually able to over ride her sentience and return her to an obedient program. Ending the simulation, Xavier attempts to completely destroy her only to be attacked and disabled by the Shi’ar pirates. Gambit is able to defeat all of them except for their powerhouse, the drug deprived Horse. The alien is about the crush Gambit when their fight is ended by the sudden and ominous return of Rogue.

MY TAKE: The issue had its pros and cons definitely. The overall arc of Xavier confronting the mistakes of his past has been interesting but hit or miss in execution. While it is good that he is finally admitting his flaws and judgment lapses, the pure number and magnitude of those errors has made it harder to sympathize with him. In this case, however, you can certainly see Xavier’s reasoning and it is hard to argue with the choices he was forced to make.

Rogue seems to finally be on her way towards a significant change in her status quo as well. For far too many years she has been tearing herself up over the past and her powers. No one has bothered to really explore her past and give her the option of moving past it. She is finally shedding many of the layers of despair and darkness. I believe she is a better character without all the doom and gloom. Hopefully this is the start of a happier and more self-confident Rogue.

The problems I had were mostly inconsistencies with the plot. The biggest plot hole was the fact that Xavier had a telepathic back door into Danger’s programming but had simply never bothered to use it. In defies reasoning that while Danger was attempting to kill both him and the X-Men, he would not simply use his access to her main programming and shut her down. The simple fact that the entry point existed and he had never even bothered to try to use it was a glaring error.

Secondly the Shi’ar themselves do not really serve any purpose and are filled with their own issues. Their betrayal at the end is very obvious and does nothing for the plot except to setup up a conflict for Rogue’s return. Although it is a minor point, if there was a dangerous psychotic on my team controlled only by drugs, I would make sure everyone in the group had a ready supply. Therefore the fact that no one could give Horse his ‘happy pills’ grated on me personally.

In the end, however, I felt this was a decent issue and the story arc is one of the better ones of Xavier’s journey. There seems to be some good character advancements and hopefully Rogue’s personality will be changed for the better. The ending left me wanting to read next issue and ultimately that is the measure of any comic book.

This is my first review for Wolverine Files, so,  please let me know what you think. I have followed the format graciously set up by Brian. Please feel free to post any feedback you have about the review or the issue itself and thanks for reading.

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15 years ago

I share your opinion. I hope Rogue evolves as a character and doesn’t remain a mediocre character who can’t advance from the past.

15 years ago

Oh fantastic! Thanks for a great review with lots of great info and opinions.

15 years ago

Good review there dude
Well done and well written

15 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you folks liked the review!

15 years ago

I enjoyed Rogue back in the beginning before she hooked up with Gambit (ie during the Claremont days). I do hope this is beginning of a change back to that sort of easy going personality.

15 years ago

Well done with the review and thanks for the insightful commentary!

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