Wolverine News: ‘Wolverine’ Leaks on the Web…

Forgive the headline. I couldn’t help myself.

Lost in the shuffle of our April Fools prank (‘Wolverine: Prima Aprilus’) was an actual breaking Wolverine news story.

A high-quality cut of the soon-to-be-in-theaters ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ was leaked onto the Internet. Reportedly, hundreds of thousands of people illegally downloaded and watched the movie.

Because this story broke amidst all the other April Fools hoaxes, many news services and websites were afraid to run the story, for fear of it being an actual hoax.

But hoax it was not.

So in case anyone out there has any doubts about how we feel about this, let me be clear.

Wolverine Files does not condone this theft, nor will we be party to any “reviews” of the bootleg copy.

I am eagerly awaiting the movie and will pass judgment only after seeing it on opening night. — unless, of course, someone would like to invite me to the premiere. I can be a very cheap date.

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15 years ago
15 years ago


I wish I had tickets DiG. It would be awesome to see this movie with you.

15 years ago

Ok then we are all meeting at DiG’s house???? ;)

15 years ago

Me too, Dig. It would be awesome to go see it as a group. If only right…?

15 years ago

I think we should all go..one big Wolverine Files party! Hear, hear!

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