Classic Wolverine Cover: Uncanny X-Men #211

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Back in November of 1986, Marvel Comics celebrated the 25th anniversary of the “Marvel Age” of comics by featuring a character portrait on every single Marvel title that month.

Uncanny X-Men #211 was no different, placing Wolverine in the exalted position.

The cover by John Romita, Jr. and Bob Wiacek wonderfully captures Wolverine at his battle-tested best, mask torn asunder.

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #211

If you want a real treat, alternate placing your hand over each side of the cover. You will be amazed to discover two entirely different images.

It is really difficult at times to determine if Wolverine is central enough to a cover to truly call it a classic Wolverine cover.

And because of the overabundance of genuinely terrific Wolverine covers from 1986, I made the difficult decision to downgrade Uncanny X-Men #210, also by John Romita, Jr. and Bob Wiacek.

But because the cover rocks so much, I decided to present it here as an added bonus…

Wolverine Covers: Uncanny X-Men #210

Make our day, indeed.

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