Wolverine News: Breaking NYCC Wolverine News…

New York Comic Con Wolverine preview

From New York Comic Con comes tons of news from the X-Men Panel
ComicBook Resources: X-Men panel overview with pictures
Newsarama: X-Men panel overview with pictures
IGN: X-Men panel overview with pictures

Specifically, Dark Wolverine news…
IGN: Wolverine goes Daken… er Dark
Newsarama: Way and Liu on Dark Wolverine
IGN: Dark transition for Wolverine

Old Man Logan news…
IGN: ‘Old Man Logan’ gets special
Newsarama: Interview with Mark Millar Part 1 and Part 2
ComicBookResources: Millar and McNiven expand the ‘Old Man Logan’ finale
IGN: Mark Millar on future of ‘Old Man Logan’

X-Men Forever news…
Newsarama: Claremont and the X-Men, with a twist
IGN: Claremont’s X-Men are Forever
ComicBookResources: Back to the future with ‘X-Men Forever’

X-Force news…
IGN: X-Force gets some sex appeal
Newsarama: Yost and Kyle on X-Force

Video Game news…
ComicBookResources: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ video game preview
ComicBookResources: Activision releases ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ screenshots

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15 years ago

Domino and Logan get their sexy on?

I love this. <3

15 years ago

Whoa! Claremont`s back?..Seriously?..I`m intrigued (and I find myself smiling subconsciously…)!

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