Wolverine Files Update XXXV: Adamantium & Memory Implants Updated

Logan memory implants

Two fresh updates this time around, 015: Adamantium and 016: Memory Implants

As always, check’em out and let me know what you think…

I’ve also had a comment about waiting for ongoing storylines to come to a close before adding them to the chronology and why that doesn’t apply to Wolverine: Origins.

Good question.

First, I should have said story arcs. I try to wait for each story arc to complete before writing it up. And since Wolverine: Origins is fairly good at five or six-issue arcs, that is how I’ve been trying to approach that series.

Second, since Wolverine: Origins is planned for about 60 issues, I don’t feel this chronology would be up to date if I waited another three years for it to wrap up.

As always, feel free to weigh in with the comments below…

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