Wolverine Week-02-in-Review: Switchback, Cable, Noir

Wolverine appeared in five titles this past week (January 7, 2009), starting with…

Wolverine: Switchback coverWolverine: Switchback (preview)
Writer: Joseph Clark
Artist: Das Pastoras

What at first glance appears to be a cliche-ridden story turns into something quite different, helped by the most intriguing art style of Das Pastoras.

Definitely worth a look….

“Punching Bag”
Writer: Gregg Hurwitz
Artist: Juan Doe

The backup story actually got me to laugh out loud a few times. A very pleasant surprise…




Wolverine and Power Pack #3 coverWolverine and Power Pack #3 (no preview)
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Artist: Gurihiru

Sold out at my local shop. I’ll toss in a review next week, or perhaps, Roleplay could give us his view in the comments below…

Cable #10 (preview)
“The Last Hope”
Writer: Duane Swierczynski
Art: Ariel Olivetti

Wolverine gets a brief cameo, but it’s definitely a good one…

X-Men Noir #2 (preview)
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Dennis Calero

I am really enjoying this series. And since I don’t want to spoil anything, all I can say is buy it…

Marvel Super Hero Squad #1 (no preview)
Script: Paul Tobin; Drawings: Marcelo Dichiara, Todd Nauck, Dario Brizuela

Marvel Super Hero and Super Villain comic strips for kids. Nothing more, nothing less…

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15 years ago

I managed to pick up Wolverine and Power Pack #3. It was pretty much the standard one and done story as usual. My only concerns with it was that the kids went back in time to meet Wolverine when he was a kid. First off, because of the story the cover didn’t work for the story at all. Secondly, as we know James Howlett was a sickly child and his dad transports him almost across the entire continent to New York just for a business deal. I think someone’s in the running for father of the year. But it did… Read more »

15 years ago

It was also sold out in my store. :(

I’ll check tomorrow and see if they got it in. ^_^

15 years ago

Good to know… I just tracked down a copy and will add my thoughts to my next Week-in-Review, as well as Eternals #7.

Please do continue to let me know what appearances I have missed… it is hard to catch them all and genuinely appreciate your help!

15 years ago

Did you get the appearance for “What If : Fallen Son” ?

Logan was in it very briefly behind bars. Issue came out in December I think.

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