Wolverine Movie News: Trailer Debut and Site Launch

The trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (opening May 1, 2009) debuted this weekend with The Day the Earth Stood Still. Unfortunately, it keeps getting pulled down from YouTube. So if it’s not working, make sure to check the official site that just launched. The trailer will be available as of Monday morning there…

In other online Wolverine movie news…

– MTV’s Splash Page: A review of the trailer and Hugh Jackman dishes on Deadpool
– Marvel.com: First Look at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game
– CinemaBlend.com: Hugh Jackman in X-Men: First Class?
– Newsarama.com: Wolverine to host the Academy Awards

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15 years ago

That article from Cinema Blend made me really happy. If the source is as reliable as they say, then the chances of us seeing a sequel is really good. I hope the movie does well and that Hugh Jackman comes back for a second and third movie.

15 years ago

Oh, yeah. check the trailer out at the following address:


Enjoy. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this to be good.

15 years ago

Second movie: Japan, according to Hugh and other sources. Cool.
So that means probably Mariko, maybe Ogun, etc. Do you think it would be pre- or post- the X-Men movies?

Third Movie . . . .? Who knows? Maybe Madripoor? Cold War era (maybe with Omega Red (!!))? . . . .

Oh, man, I’m geeking out here.

15 years ago

New trailer for Hulk vs Wolverine :


15 years ago

woops. I meant this one.


How embarrassing. the previous one is new screens of Deadpool in the new Wolverine movie.

15 years ago

I like the part in the trailer were he says somthing like “I’m coming for blood, no code of conduct, no law”. That was awsome. Another great line was Stryker’s “Become the animal, embrace the other side”.

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