Wolverine: Flies to a Spider Review: Hama Meets Tieri

Wolverine: Flies to a Spider coverWolverine: Flies to a Spider
Writer: Gregg Hurwitz
Penciler: Jerome Opena
Inker: Jerome Opena & John Lucas

Larry Hama meets Frank Tieri.

And I don’t mean that in a good way.

This dreadful one-shot is a throwback to the old days of mindless Wolverine stories.

Wolverine walks into a sadistic biker bar, starts a fight, and eviscerates the entire gang over the death of an innocent. An innocent whose name the evil bikers can’t even remember because they are so evil.

Man, I thought we were finished with these stories when Frank Tieri left.

That said, great Doc Savage style cover by Tim Bradstreet.

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From Marvel (preview): “It’s New Year’s Eve, and tonight, like every night, they’ve gathered at the road stop saloon called the ‘Rat Trap.’ The Road Dawgs. The meanest, nastiest, most jacked-up biker gang you ever could meet. But tonight there’s a stranger sitting on the stool at the end of the bar. Someone who’s come here to pick a fight. Someone who’s hunting far bigger game than these roughnecks, and knows exactly how to get its attention. Before the stroke of midnight, he’ll get his wish. It’s Wolverine at his fiercest, courtesy of Gregg Hurwitz (PUNISHER) and future star Jerome Opena (Fear Agent).” On sale December 11, 2008.

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15 years ago

I agree 100%.

The cover gave me such high hopes too.

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