Wolverine News: Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer 3

Marvel unveils the third trailer for Wolverine and the X-Men

As well as a behind the scenes vignette…

Looking for the first two trailers? Watch them here and here

Marvel also published the schedule of releases for February (with major Wolverine appearances broken out below)…
February 4th: Ultimatum #3, X-Men Noir #3, Wolverine and Power Pack #4
February 11th: Eternals #8
February 18th: Wolverine: Origins #33, Dark Avengers #2
February 25th: Wolverine: First Class #12; X-Force #12, Ultimate X-Men #100, New Avengers #50, X-Men/Spider-Man #4

Even More Wolverine News…
Fred Van Lente on X-Men Noir (and more importantly on Wolverine: First Class) from CBR
Dark Avengers Sneak Preview from IGN…

And finally, comics previews for the coming week of probable Wolverine appearances…
-Wolverine: Origins #30 (preview): Original Sin the Finale…
-Wolverine: First Class #9 (preview): Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu?!?
-Secret Invasion: X-Men #4 (preview): Wolverine makes the cover at the very least…
-X-Force #9 (preview): Domino joins X-Force…
-Ultimate X-Men #98 (preview): Third to last issue of the series…

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15 years ago

Wow. Great update my friend.

I had no idea about the Fantastic Four appearances. It looks like I have one more title I have to add to my reserve list. So will Dark Avengers replace New Avengers after issue 50 is out?

Also I love the trailers. I can’t wait to get the cartoon on box set when it comes out in stores.

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