Wolverine #69 Review: Something Happens!

Wolverine #69 coverWolverine #69
“Old Man Logan, Part 4”
Writer: Mark Millar
Penciler: Steve McNiven; Inker: Dexter Vines

At the rate this series is going (with only four issues in six months), the eight-issue storyline of ‘Old Man Logan’ is going to take at least year to complete.

My guess is that when the trade paperback comes out, the pacing and story are going to be pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, this is a semi-monthly comic at the moment so the pacing is absolutely dreadful, reading more like a travelogue through Mark Millar’s apocalyptic Marvel universe than an actual story.

If I were a more patient man, I would wait for the whole story to come out before reading it (much the way I am handling ‘100 Bullets’). But since I am not, I will grumble all the way to the final issue.

What about you? Are you more forgiving that I am? More patient? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

From Marvel (preview): “In a decimated future where America is dominated by super-villains, old man Logan lives out his days, but as far as he’s concerned, WOLVERINE died fifty years ago with the rest of the super heroes. Now he’s on a cross-country journey with the blind archer HAWKEYE to deliver a secret package to Hawkeye’s contacts on the east coast. But dinosaurs and earthquakes might just finish them off for good! Plus: the identity of the PRESIDENT is revealed! MARK MILLAR and STEVE MCNIVEN continue their post-apocalyptic epic for the ages! Part 4 (of 8).” On sale November 12, 2008.

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Glenn Selser
15 years ago

I agree very slow, but these days I am use to it. But I think the graphic novel will be pretty good.
Also have you checked out the latest Fantastic Four. It has a logan appearance.

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