Wolverine News: ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Is Coming…

Not much in the way of Wolverine News this week, so I thought I would show a little love to X-Men Origins: Wolverine scheduled for release on May 1, 2009, a scant six months from now. Marvel has released a few promotional photos here, here and here.

And as always, previews of probable Wolverine appearances for the coming week…

-Ultimatum #1 (preview): Finally!
-Weapon X: First Class #1 (preview): Looks interesting…
-Wolverine: Chop Shop (preview): You know the urban myths where someone takes your liver? Well, it comes true for Wolverine…
-Wolverine and Power Pack #1 (preview): More juvenile hijinks with our favorite mutant…

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15 years ago

great movie preview!! it looks like more darker than the other X-Men movies. For the record, we can see Logan with a canadian dog tag ;)

15 years ago

Can’t wait for this movie.
On an aside, can anyone tell me where I can find preview/review of Civil War House of M 3?
marvel seems to have forgotten it, and as a British reader without previews I’m kinda stuck.

15 years ago

Don’t see a preview anywhere online. Sorry!

15 years ago

This could end up really bad. I’m trying not to get my hopes up high on this one.

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