Wolverine: Origins #29 Review: Original Sin, Part 3

Wolverine: Origins #29 coverWolverine: Origins #29
‘Original Sin, Part III’
Writer: Daniel Way
Artist: Mike Deodato

Before I dig into the story itself, let me point out that Mike Deodato’s art has been a very refreshing breath of fresh air. It has visually transformed this series from Steve Dillon’s overly bright, stark and glowering ugliness into the more appropriately gritty, shadowy and dark look and feel, something this series has lacked for a long time and in hindsight desperately needed.

As for the story, I again get the sense that we are wading through excess padding for the sake of a trade paperback to be printed later. The entire Hellfire Club sequence is revealed to be a red herring and we are only given glimpses of the point of this series… the “true” story of Xavier and Wolverine’s first meeting.

The final two parts of ‘Original Sin’ are due on November 19 and 26. And for me, they can’t come soon enough.

Thoughts? Share them in the comments below!

From Marvel (preview): “It’s WOLVERINE versus the HELLFIRE CLUB as he seeks his missing son, DAKEN! The bodies will fly and the blood will run as PROFESSOR X learns the secret of Wolverine’s early days with the original new X-MEN! Things were not as they seemed—but who was deceiving whom? And is there time to save Daken’s soul??” On sale October 29, 2008.

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15 years ago

Way to purposely misconstrue everything

15 years ago

If you read X-men : Original Sin and X-Men Legacy, you would see that Wolverine doesn’t trust Cyclops after he forgot to tell Logan that Professor X was still alive. Plus I believe the X-Mansion is still destroyed after the events of Messiah Complex. So I’m afraid you are still wrong.

15 years ago

We could have skipped the last 27 issues after ORIGINS #5.

1) Cerebro locates Daken.
2) The X-Men bring him to Xavier.

The end.

15 years ago

I don’t understand what the hell is going on anymore.
Let me see if’n I grasp Logan’s “plan”.

1) Shoot Daken in the head with a high powered rifle.
2) Drag him to a secret cave full of random villains.
3) Thumb a ride into town.
4) Shack him up with some family above thier grocery store.
5) Bully Xavier around after fighting some more random villains.

At least Daken scored with a girl this time… and he doesn’t have to crap in a bucket anymore.

I’m starting to wish Larry Hama would come and screw everything up again.

15 years ago

Ow. That hurts my brain. Have you read Larry Hama recently? It would end up worse then the dumb “Wolverine Dies” story arc. Old loved ones would come back to life for no reason and old arch rivals would become best buddies. Last I checked the bullet to the head was to slow down Daken’s healing factor. And he didn’t shoot his son, Winter Soldier did. If you are going to put down the comic , at least have a accurate and thought out opinion. Xavier is the only one who can save his son, which is why he is… Read more »

15 years ago

Cerebro… Cerebra… Xavier… White Queen… what’s the difference? The telepaths could have found Daken. Who was the first to learn of Daken’s existence?

Logan never did like Scott, moreso now that he’s nailin’ Emma, but he does trust him. Who was the only person Logan would entrust with the lethal Muramasa Blade?

All Logan had to do was ask, and the whole team would have helped him bring his son in safely.

Last time I checked, Wolverine was still an X-Man.

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